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About Us

Created By Necessity

Kinetic Electric was formed to satisfy an increased need for skilled lighting installers for a growing ESCO. After using sub-contractors for almost a decade, this ESCO found that by using Kinetic Electric they could customize the installation process to provide superior results. Often, sub-contractors lacked specific knowledge about lighting and required close supervision by the ESCO.  "We knew there had to be a better solution so we formed our own electrical company." We trained our crews to be first class lighting installers and now, we are offering our services to others.       

Excellence and Professionalism  

We have worked diligently to hire, train and maintain a crew of electricians that have achieved a level of excellence in their field. You will find them to be professional in attitude, skills, knowledge and appearance. Our crew's goal is to leave a  positive impression of YOUR company with YOUR clients.

Results Oriented

We are focused on installing your lighting project on time and on budget while creating a positive experience for your clients.

Their impression of your company is  often dependent on the performance and skill of your sub-contractors.

Insured and Guaranteed

Kinetic Electric carries liability and workers compensation insurance to protect you on your lighting projects.  We can add you and your client as additional insureds and provide the insurance certificates required by your client. 

Our labor is guaranteed for 6 months so if any of your fixtures fail within that time, we will return and replace them with your warranty replacement, at no charge to you (you must provide us with the replacement fixture).

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